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My name is Calvin Sibley and I have been working in real estate in South Florida since 2004.  I am passionate about real estate wholesaling and now teach aspiring and established investors how to succeed in this business.


I work with real estate investors, such as yourself, and teach them how to build a profitable real estate business, with a focus on probates.  Probates are a great niche, because they are able to provide you with a steady flow of motivated seller leads, each and every month.


I share the key marketing strategies that differentiate real estate investors from their competition and position them as the go-to probate expert in their communities.


I’ve been working in real estate for over 15 years and have been working with probates for the past 10 years.  If there is one thing I have learned over that time, it is to think like a marketer who happens to do real estate and not the other way around.


Marketing the right way to motivated sellers and cash buyers will bring in a steady stream of leads into your business, but it is your professional image and positioning as an expert that will lead them to selecting you as their real estate professional.


I am a full-time wholesaler, run a personal blog here at CalvinSibley.com and wrote the book “Probate Millionaire Secrets”.  I also created a course on working with probates called “Wholesaling Probate Properties”. My course is designed to give you the confidence and competencies to go out into your market and start closing probate deals in only a few short weeks.


My goal is to help you to get to the next level in your professional and personal life.  I firmly believe that the more people we help in life, the more money we make and the more life satisfaction we have, each and every day.


My personal blog is designed to bring you up to date content and articles that will help you build your competencies and get you to the next level.  Stay tuned for articles on personal productivity, time management, sales, marketing and some thrown in just for fun.


A Little About Me


Growing up, my parents and grandparents were real estate investors and developers. My grandfather was one of the first real estate developers in South Florida and built the Jockey Club condominium project, one of the first high rise developments in Miami.  He was also part owner of the Miami Dolphins when the went undefeated in 1972 under coach Don Shula. Go Fins! 


Growing up around the real estate business had a profound effect on me as a child.  My father developed small hotels in towns across the East Coast and I would often spend time with him at the development site and in his office as he worked on these projects.


Seeing my father and grandfather work in both residential and commercial projects, I got the opportunity to see a wide range of developments.  I guess this is the reason why I love residential rehab projects so much, growing up around it and seeing it every day.


When I got the opportunity to join my dad at board meetings and with developers as a teenager I jumped at the opportunity.  In addition to going to these meeting, one of my favorite things to do involved going to his office after school.  For most kids, this would be boring but I loved spending time with my dad and hearing him negotiate deals.  I feel grateful to this day to be able to have had those opportunities to learn, first hand, from some of the closest people to me about real estate.


That was Then, This is Now!


Today, I run my own real estate brokerage in South Florida, having earned my real estate broker’s license at the age of 26.  Our office is in the heart of Miami and my family often stops by to visit and check in on my current and future projects.  I guess you could say that real estate is in my blood and it was really meant to be that I would work in the real estate industry.  Having an entrepreneurial mind was instilled in me at an early age.  I am always looking out for new opportunities and love coming across one that is a winner! 


How I Got Started with Wholesaling


Unlike most people, who try to get into real estate after going to a weekend seminar or bootcamp, I started in real estate at the age of 22 when I earned my real estate salesperson’s license in 2004.


After working for five years as a real estate agent, the market crashed the fall of 2008 and a flood of REO’s (bank owned homes) and short sales flooded the market.  I was working full time for a measly 1% commission that banks were paying at the time.  There had to be a better way, I figured, and didn’t quit the business when so many other agents did at that time.


Then, as fortune would have it, I sold a property through a “wholesaler” who made over $20,000 on the deal.  My commission was a measly $1,800 so he made over ten times I did on the transaction.


After we closed and I reviewed the HUD settlement statement and saw how much he made, I called up the wholesaler and asked how he did it.  It was simple, he said, he got the property under contract with the seller and then marketed it to his cash buyers list.  One of his “whale” buyers bought the property sight unseen and he made a cool $20,000 on the transaction.


This was an eye opening experience for me.  I realized that, instead of working overtime to make a measly 1% commission on each transaction, I could get the properties under contract myself and then wholesale them to cash buyers.

Essentially, I got all the benefits of being a principal in the transaction and actually profiting on a deal, instead of just making a commission, but with none of the risk associated with rehabbing the property.


So in 2009, at the height of the foreclosure crisis and when the market crashed, I embarked on my journey of becoming a full time wholesaler.  For those of you reading this who remember those times, there were a ton of bank owned deals that could be bought for pennies of the dollar.  Putting out a few offers on listed properties, I got my first deal under contract, put out some signs around the property and found a buyer who paid me $5,000 to “take over” my contract and essentially have me assign my contract to him.


My discovery of wholesaling kept me in the real estate business while many other agents and brokers were getting out of the business.  As Warren Buffett says, when everyone is running in one direction, run in the opposite direction!  This is essentially what I did by doubling down on real estate during a time when so many real estate offices were going bust.


Fast Forward to Today


Today, in addition to being a wholesaler in South Florida, I share what I have learned with other investors who are interested into getting into wholesaling and specifically with probates.  I show aspiring and experienced investors how to make more money by increasing their lead flow and getting more deals under contract.  The more chances to make money we have, the more money we will eventually make! 


Few investors and agents really take the time to learn about the probate niche, which puts you apart from your average real estate professional.  By taking the time to learn this niche, you can differentiate from your competition and take yourself and your real estate investing business to the next level.


Why Wholesaling is the Best Strategy

There are a number of reasons why wholesaling real estate is the best strategy, especially if you are just getting started.  You can make fast cash, as I did with my first deal within 60 days of getting started that netted me a $5,000 assignment fee with minimal work and time invested.


If you have never done a deal, then you should start with wholesaling.  It is a great way to learn how to estimate repair costs, analyze comparable properties and put your first deal under contract and close it!  If you are in need of making some quick cash and want to pay down some debt or start saving or investing, then wholesaling is a great strategy to get started in real estate investing.


The Most Important Lesson I Have Learned


The most important thing I have learned, the key lesson really, is that the common denominator in every real estate investing business is YOU.  You have to get better, to improve every day and to invest in yourself, your knowledge and your understanding of real estate and specifically the probate process if you want to start wholesaling probate deals.


It is a simple equation, the more you invest in yourself, the more valuable you become to the marketplace!  Seems simple, right?  Yet so many people get this backwards.  Most people see personal development or continued education as a chore, as something they have to do that takes from them, rather than something that pays them in dividend!


You see, to truly go out and create value in the world, whether that means by helping sellers out of a difficult situation by helping them sell the property and wholesale it to your cash buyer, or helping your community in some other way.  You have to have your own life in order first, which means in your professional life to build up your confidences in the area of real estate investing.  The more you learn, the better you become and the better results you will get in your real estate business!  


But, there is something else that most people miss.  That is, that just acquiring the knowledge about a particular subject is not enough.  Sure, investing in a course such as Wholesaling Probate Properties will build up your knowledge of probate investing, you still have to actually go out and take action with what you have learned.


In doing so, by taking action and gaining reference experiences, you then go through a process called experiential learning, which is much more powerful than just learning by reading or listening to a podcast or audiobook.  Once you have experience in a particular field of study such as wholesaling probates, you will then have developed a solid understanding of that subject.

Understanding is much more powerful than knowledge, and knowledge is more valuable than money in my opinion.  So by investing in the knowledge and than taking action on it to gain the experiential learning, you increase your value in your community and marketplace and, in doing so, take your life and real estate business to the next level!


How to Work With Me


There are a number of ways I can help you, starting with the free resources on my personal blog website, as well as taking my online course, Wholesaling Probate Properties, and working with me as your coach directly.


There are numerous options available to get coaching from me.  You can check those out by clicking here.


This is by far the best way to expedite your path to success and get you to the next level. If this is something you would be interested in learning more about, be sure to contact me here and we can schedule a strategy session to see how we can best work together.

As I mentioned, I would be glad to schedule a strategy session with you to explore the best ways we can work together.  On our call, we will discuss the various coaching programs that I offer and see which one would be the best match for you.  You can click here to view my coaching programs and schedule a day and time to speak with me. 


Join Me on your Journey to Wholesaling Probates Success


A great place to start is by downloading the free resources I have on my blog’s home page.  My blog is also a great way to get free information and content about what is going on and relevant to the real estate industry and specifically with probates.  I also share about conferences, workshops and events that I attend and you may be interested in attending as well. 


Join me on your journey to success in wholesaling as I share with you the path to success and getting your life and business to the next level.  Thank you for taking the time to read a little bit about me and for your continued support.  I look forward to hearing from you and connecting with you to see how I can assist you in building a profitable wholesaling business.


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Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have at c@calvinsibley.com.


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